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A nonsense Poem By Hot Dog Jo AkA Stepheni (With some help from Zak)

Once I lived in the land of Narr

Before I traveled near and far

On foot, because I had no car

Till I met a Pirate, saying "Arrr"

He looked at me and then he said
"You have a pineapple on your head"

I said "wanna Banana instead?"

He said "no, my name is Ted"

"Don't you know Ted's don't like fruit"

"All they eat is fish and boots"

I looked at him and said " You coot"

"there's no nutrition in a boot"


So I left Ted and his boot alone

and went to a land full of bones

and then I tripped on a big stone

and I let out a very loud moan


My arm was hurt and I was sad

I didn't know bones hurt so bad

So I left and went to Gadd

Where they had a lot of plaid


I thought they might be Scots but then

I realized that they were all hens

then they called their council men

and a reporter from CNN


They had never seen someone

who looked like me, under the sun

I guess that's cause I have begun

to grow a third eye, under my tongue


I explained that I had that eye

from eating a radioactive pie

then they all began to cry

So I left and went to Versailles


In Versailles I met the French

From them, there came an awful stench

Besides, those cowards,  just "warmed the bench"

So I left them, and went to Lench


Lench was the strangest of them all

They all looked like basketballs

but they had a real nice mall

So I decided to stay after all


In my travels everywhere

there is one thing I must declare

"Don't forget your underwear"

"and bring more than just one pair"


'Cause there's something I must make clear

Wearing the same pair for a year

Isn't something that made me cheer

To this day it strikes up fear


But besides that my trip went great

In fact I still like to celebrate

those days of fun, I didn't hate

with some soda and fish bait


Sometimes I wish I hadn't stopped

In Lench, where I finally plopped

maybe I might have found a dropped

balloon that wasn't even popped


But that's okay 'cause I had fun

Even though my travels are done

maybe there will be someone

who will travel in the long run


And see the places I haven't seen

And maybe even be made queen

or if your a guy, you'd be king

but anyways, you know what I mean


I hope you enjoyed the story I told

or at least liked it more than some bread mold

Oh yah, my third eye is a site to behold

It keeps getting bigger as I grow old


Okay now my story is through

Now you find someone to tell it too

Until then I bid you adieu

and say good-bye to all of you!!!


Yes, it is Ted and his boot....
Watch out for him...............
or your fish will be gone...